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Shawnee Dental is all about efficiency, personal interest, and catering to your needs. Oral health for every patient is our goal, and we aim to achieve this goal with our services and our unceasing concern. The best treatments for all your dental complaints are right here, at our doorstep. At Shawnee Dental, we don't just believe in doing our jobs, but in doing them well, and in that interpersonal connect between our patients and us. Visit our team at Shawnee Dental, and go home with a smile. A cleaner, healthier, beautiful smile.


Dental Exams in Shawnee, KS

Dental Cleaning in Shawnee, KS

Deep Dental Cleaning in Shawnee, KS

Digital X-rays

Tooth Fillings in Shawnee, KS

Dental Crowns in Shawnee, KS

Veneers in Shawnee, KS

Dental Bridges in Shawnee, KS

Teeth Whitening in Shawnee, KS

Tooth Extractions in Shawnee, KS

Dentures in Shawnee, KS

Sedation Dentistry in Shawnee, KS

Root Canal Treatment in Shawnee, KS

Fluoride Varnish in Shawnee, KS

Sealants in Shawnee, KS

Pediatric Dentistry in Shawnee, KS

Cosmetic Dentist in Shawnee, KS

Dental Implants in Shawnee, KS

Emergency Dentist in Shawnee, KS


Headed by Dr. Banhart, our team consists of dedicated professionals whose sole concern is to make your oral cavity flawlessly healthy and beautiful.


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